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NorthStar Telescope is a profile series for professionals of African descent in geospatial, geography, geoscience, and GIS industries.  What do you do in the GIS industry? I am the Principal and Founder of Geospatial Equity Tech.  What inspires you to be in GIS?  My career started as a wildlife biologist on my tropical island Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Working in the field for several years

From University of Redlands: The U.S. Census Bureau reports that women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, but only 27% work in STEM-related fields. University of Redlands and Esri is supporting women of color pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields through a new scholarship to help you achieve your goals in a GIS career that are applicable to the University of Redlands Master

Calling all GIS professionals, health and wellness experts, health equity advocates, and allies! Mapping Black Health and Wellness is a monthlong series that will be featuring amazing content about how GIS is being used to increase health and wellness in Black communities. If you’re passionate about using your skills to make an impact in your community, then this series is for you! NorthStar Events, we

Mapping Black Health and Wellness is an event series taking place during US Black History Month (February) 2022. This series will explore issues of race, place, health, and the implications of the representation of people of Black / African descent in mapping and analyzing health policies and programming. Join us for our upcoming 2022 Black History Month Event Series! Registration is now open

NorthStar of GIS is releasing a content bundle and consultation access for learning frameworks on equity and racial justice in your practices. Join Patreon for access to content at   Why is it important to increase equity & belonging for Black people in GIS? Organizations in every sector use GIS to increase revenues, customer satisfaction and improve community outcomes. Unfortunately, their teams and their