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Power of Maps.

Learn more about geographic information systems to understand how geography and tech impact industries all over the world.

What is GIS?

Watch a 1 -minute video to understand more.
How can I use GIS?

In addition to telling a story, guiding people through places, and gathering data on a location, you can identify problems, understand trends, manage and respond to events, and more. Learn more.

What industries use GIS?

GIS can be used in several ways. We use it every day for navigation, weather forecasting, and business decision-making, but it can also be used in education, health, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, public safety, real estate, government, nonprofit, and sustainability efforts.

Can I use code with GIS?

Yes! You can build your own apps and software for your next big idea or customize a solution for your organization’s needs. Learn More.

What kind of career can I have in GIS?

You can be an entrepreneur and chart your own path with GIS technology as a consultant, developer, or new app creator. Most industries hire GIS professionals under titles including Geographer, Cartographer, Urban Planner, Surveyor, Remote Sensing Engineer, Educator, GIS manager, GIS analyst, or GIS developer. These careers are on the rise with increasing opportunities and demand.

5 Ways to Learn GIS

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1. Take a Lesson

Start with free lessons and software access to practice your skills with building maps and understanding location intelligence.

2. Start an Online Course

Take a free online course that focuses on cartography, data science, or simply how to get started with GIS.

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3. Find Local Programs

Some organizations and businesses lead local community efforts to teach GIS or GIS-related subjects.

4. Celebrate GIS Day

Every second Wednesday in November is GIS Day. It’s recognized annually around the world by schools, businesses, and other organizations to bring awareness to GIS.

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5. See Real-World GIS Examples

Check out this video playlist to learn more about GIS and how its used in industries.

Find an HBCU

Find an HBCU near you with a geospatial program or courses to begin your career in GIS.