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Our Vision

A racially-just world through a racially-just geography.

Getting It Done

NorthStar of GIS is a nonprofit organization promoting racial justice and equity through geography and GIS technology. We aim to increase Black representation in geo fields and promote equitable geographic approaches.

  • We Promote Equitable Geo-Practices: We seek to ensure that geo-practices account for intersecting systems of oppression like racism, sexism, and socioeconomic injustice by advocating for geospatial practices that lead to fair distributions of public and private resources.
  • We Promote Black Representation:  We seek equitable representation of the Black diaspora at all levels in geo-fields by providing more pathways to success and removing systemic barriers.

We believe every community deserves equitable access to shade, parks, recreation, high-quality education, caring and dignified medical care, and more. Through our dual focus on equitable geo-practices and Black representation in geo-fields, we seek to improve day-to-day life for all communities. 

Emeritus Board Members

Photo of Leslie Fountain

Emeritus Board Member
Leslie Fountain
Principal, SixFifty

Our Goals

Professional Networking
Geo Career Awareness
Enhance Geo Industry Talent & Offerings
Building Community Relationships

"With NorthStar, we hope more students will embrace the industry with a community of professionals that want to support and encourage their future career in GIS."

Aisha Jenkins, Leadership, NorthStar
Photo of Leadership

"We want to create a space where people of African descent and allies in the field of GIS can enrich the opportunities that location intelligence brings to communities around the world."

Clinton Johnson, Founder, NorthStar
Photo of Leadership

Our Program Areas

Through our Horizons, Bridge, Telescope, and Guides programs, we seek to highlight and support Black individuals and communities in their pursuit of success and equity in geography-related fields while advocating for a racially-just world through a racially-just geography.


Event programming, such as the Black History Month Conference, Homecoming, and Black@GeoEvents which promote Black representation, equitable geo-practices, and belonging for Black geo-professionals.


Support system, resources, and grants connecting Black geo students, professionals, and educators to opportunities in geo and support their career journeys in geo fields.


Training and consulting services to help individuals and organizations advance sustainable justice, feminism, equity, antiracism, diversity, inclusion, access, and belonging in their organizations and communities.


Social media efforts to highlight Black geo stars (or Black people making academic, professional, and entrepreneurial strides in geo fields).

Community Partners

Blacks United In Leading Technology (BUiLT) Forward International