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Our Challenge
Geo-fields have long been a terrain where Black professionals and organizations tread paths. We must come together and co-create the infrastructure to pave and maintain the way.

Working Together
At NorthStar of GIS, we are committed to building and maintaining our organization with our Melanated and Mapping Community. We strive to increase equity and belonging in geo-fields, and we need everyone’s help.

Do you lead a Black-Focused Geo-Community?
Join us in this collective journey. Let’s collaborate and contribute to an integrated network that empowers every member.

Black Focused

Is your organization focused on Black communities, Black professionals, or Black students?


Does your organization focus on a field that uses a geographic approach? (e.g. geoscience, archeology, geology, space exploration, geospatial, ecology, marine science, earth science, etc.,)

Tell Us About You and Your Organization