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From University of Redlands:

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, but only 27% work in STEM-related fields.

University of Redlands and Esri is supporting women of color pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields through a new scholarship to help you achieve your goals in a GIS career that are applicable to the University of Redlands Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Location Analytics programs.

The scholarship requires that applicants must be a woman of color, and applicants must apply and be admitted for Summer 2022 or later. In addition, you must submit a statement describing how your chosen applicable degree program fits into your future career plans.

Apply now for the Esri-UR Women of Color STEM Scholarship!


NorthStar is a community group working to increase representation, belonging, and inclusion of people of African descent in GIS.