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NorthStar of GIS is releasing a content bundle and consultation access for learning frameworks on equity and racial justice in your practices. Join Patreon for access to content at


Why is it important to increase equity & belonging for Black people in GIS?

Organizations in every sector use GIS to increase revenues, customer satisfaction and improve community outcomes. Unfortunately, their teams and their impacts are rarely equitable. There are anti-Black inequities in GIS and tech workforces.  Moreover, organizations from every sector use GIS to plan, implement, and manage services and programs without applying intersectional racial equity lenses. As a result, many public and private sector operations produce avoidable racial disparities.

NorthStar of GIS exists to share resources and take action that helps bring an end to those inequities.


Examples of Anti-Black Inequities in GIS & Tech Workforces:

  • Lack of Representation in GIS: 
  • Bias Against Black Women in STEM: 
    • Three-Fourths of Black women reported having to prove themselves over and over, having their success discounted, and having their experience questioned. 
    • 42% of Black women reported experiencing isolation and that socializing with colleagues negatively affects others perceptions of their competence

Examples of Racial Disparities in Public and Private Sector Operations:

  • Health Disparities
  • Racial Inequities in Policing
  • Racial Disparities in Education
  • and far more

Taking Action

Your patronage will support our efforts to increase racial justice and belonging for people of the Black / African diaspora and lead the way for increased justice for people from other under-represented groups.
Join and help us promote racial equity in GIS through our:

  • Justice & Belonging Services,
  • NorthStar Bridge Program, and
  • Event Series.

Justice & Belonging Services
NorthStar of GIS believes that spaces co-created equitably lead to sustainable racial justice, diversity, and inclusion. We offer services to help organizations advance racial justice and belonging in their workforce and to create more equitable outcomes through their work.
Our services include:

  • NorthStar Guides: A library of positive practices for increasing justice, equity, belonging, inclusion, and diversity.
  • NorthStar Representation Assessments: Assessments of representation in your staff, services, board, volunteers, and more.
  • Justice & Belonging Workshops: Skills and experience workshops to help your teams engage in the critical work of advancing racial justice and belonging.



NorthStar is a community group working to increase representation, belonging, and inclusion of people of African descent in GIS.