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Organizations from around the globe connect to open a month-long event series and conversation about Black History, geography, GIS, and racial equity.

Join us as we reflect on the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, and explore the challenges and opportunities of getting and holding seats at the table as we address the question: Who Maps the Black Family?


A Team Effort
This series was produced in collaboration with African Women in GIS (AWiGIS), Asian, Desi, and Pacific Islander, Black Girls MAPP, Claro, LGBTQIA, Vamos + Unity & Power of HERE Technologies, and Voice Media Ventures (the folks that brought us Mapping Black California)


Series Agenda (more events being confirmed)
  • Week 1
    • Feb 1st @ 3PM EST – Who Maps the Black Family: A Conversation About Black History (Keynote)
    • Feb 3rd @ 6PM EST – Racial Equity for Resilient & Prosperous Families
  • Week 2
    • Feb 8th @ 3PM EST – Afro-Latinx: Then and Now, Looking at the Past and Present
    • Feb 12th @ 3:30PM EST Reflecting on Our History & Our Future
  • Week 3
    • Feb 19th @ 12PM EST My Journey Into GIS as a Career: The African Story
  • Week 4
    • Feb 26th @ 2PM EST – Learn & Share: Innovative Mind
    • Feb 26th @ 3PM EST – Who Maps the Black Family: Impact of Bias in Data Design and Analysis



NorthStar is a community group working to increase representation, belonging, and inclusion of people of African descent in GIS.